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Why choose as a part of your screening process

Finding quality entry-level employees is a difficult task for many companies, with most of the complaints centered around the lack of soft skills in potential candidates. The hardest part about finding an employee with good soft skills is that these skills are often hard to define and isn’t something as easily proven as technical skills—until now. The online soft skills assessment and training course at is an easy way for employees to quantify how adaptable, communicative, timely, and efficient an employee is with measurable scores. It also provides effective training and valuable knowledge to employees, allowing them to improve their soft skills and become better employees.

Taking the test and reviewing scores is easy. The student simply creates an account or logs in, selects a time or date to complete the course, and logs back in to complete the test online. If they pass the test, they will get a diploma with a unique number that they'll be able to hand over to you so you can look up the student’s score, the time needed to complete the exam, whether this was their first or second attempt (only two attempts are allowed) and whether or not they were punctual for the test. This information will help you determine whether or not this person is the right fit for your team.

Before you hire, know their work ethics!

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