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Employee Employer   

What the class teaches

The course teaches basic soft skills, such as:

• Punctuality

• Importance of personal hygiene

• Ethical dilemmas regarding the use of personal electronics at work to communicate or perform other personal tasks not related to work

• The proper use of sick days

• Demonstrating respect to other co-workers and management

• Appropriate places for smoking/vaping

• Contributing to a quiet, nondisruptive work environment

• Taking initiative to perform and complete tasks or projects

• Organizing thoughts and creating productive plans and processes

• Communication skills for meetings, phone calls, emails, messages, and other channels

• Treating the workplace with respect

• Much more!

The course also covers more advanced topics, such as:

• Handling money

• What to do with a declined credit card

• What to do if becoming injured on the job

• Workplace safety practices

• Rights as an employee

• Access to government-required employee information and other resources

Hire a “best employee” and save time, money, and frustration!

• Provides an easy, effective class that covers employers’ top complaints regarding their workforce, helping you to hire better employees and avoid the ones that do things that are inefficient, wasteful, unsanitary, or drive bosses and co-workers crazy.

• New hires that do take the class, complete it accurately and timely are 8x more likely to become a long-term employee, saving you time and money.

• The class also helps to address issues with current employees by addressing problem areas and providing further training.

• According to a CAP study, the average cost to replace an employee is 16 percent of their annual salary (for example, an employee at $30,000/year would cost an average of $3,328 to replace).

• The average small business invests approximately $1,886 in training for each employee. can help you choose a better employee from the start.

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