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Thank you for your interest in the class.

Some of you are here as a prerequisite for a job, some for a raise, and others to enhance your job resume. Regardless of your reason, this course will help you develop better soft skills that will improve your productivity, increase your chances of being hired or promoted, and make you an overall more valuable employee.

Technical skills are required to perform the job but many employers are actually placing more emphasis on the harder to define soft skills—communication, critical thinking, creativity, organization, teamwork, etc. While these qualities may seem basic, employers are still finding them hard to come by, with at least 59% of hiring managers claiming it is difficult to find candidates with the soft skills they are looking for.

Taking the class allows you to learn new skills and display your competence with a soft skills certification that can be displayed on resumes or online profiles.

Reasons to take the soft skills class

Invest in yourself
Negotiating a pay increase of $0.25 an hour will result in an additional $500 of income in just one year. Think of it as a one-time mini college course that will help you advance in your career.

Get Hired
Prove to potential employers that you possess the soft skills they’re looking for and that you are willing to invest time and money into becoming a better employee.

Keep your job and get promoted faster
Know what your employer expects, be a better employee, and power yourself with a quantifiable badge when asking for a raise or promotion.

Know your rights
In addition to the soft skills course, we also provide employees with a brief overview of your rights as a worker, workplace harassment, workplace safety, and other important information.

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Things to know about the class

• You can schedule the time and day that best fits your schedule

• The class takes about an hour to complete and is done completely online

• You must be complete the course in one sitting, so be sure to find a time and place that suits you

• Upon completion, you will receive your score and a diploma that you can print and provide to potential employers

• Employers will be able to access test scores and other details with your diploma number

You should consider the class to be your first day at work, so be on time and be ready.

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