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Employee Employer Student Agreement

By agreeing to take the class, you agree to the following:

• The class is a basic introduction class to employment and all employment situations cannot possibly be covered. You should receive further training from your future employer.

• The time you select to complete the course is considered your first day at work and you should be on time. The test will be available for you to take 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes after your scheduled time.

• If you do not log in and take the class within the allotted time slot you will have failed the class and you will have to schedule the class another time and take it

• You will receive a printable diploma at the email address provided along with links to several articles and government websites that you are encouraged to read and save for reference.

• The class and diploma are good for up to two years.

• Within 24 hours upon completion of the class, potential employers may use your diploma number to view your test results as well as other information such as:

◦ Your name as you entered it

◦ The time you logged into the test as well as the originally scheduled time

◦ Your final test score

◦ How long it took you to complete the test

◦ How many attempts you’ve taken to complete the test

By taking this test, you also agree that all results are final and there are no appeal process or refunds and that this is an introductory course and does not guarantee employment. You also provide us permission to occasionally send you information, offers, and reminders, while we promise to never permit the use or sale of your personal information to third parties.

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